North American Association of Educational negotiators

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Membership Advantages & Benefits

A Vital Resource

  • Salary and compensation expectations keep rising
  • Public expectations and accountability are increasing
  • Employee unions seek greater input and control in district operations and policy

In response, schools, community colleges and university decision makers need access to professionally sound answers quickly. How does the educational labor relations professional or attorney stay on top of all the information and strategies needed to achieve the desired results? Where do you go to seek help, technical support, expertise, advice, or encouragement?

NAEN is an organization and a forum to articulate the management perspective, the public policy implications, governance decision-making, and operational emphasis of focusing decisions on efficient and effective educational services to improve student achievement. Advice and information comes from people who have walked-the-walk and talked-the-talk.  NAEN serves management negotiators in K-12 school districts, community colleges and universities.

A Network of Experts

The NAEN you can build a network of colleagues and experts in the U.S. and Canada to call when that insurmountable problem lands on your desk. The issue may be new to you, but someone in NAEN has probably dealt with a similar problem in the past.

There’s a wealth of information with NAEN waiting to be tapped!

Annual Conference

Through lively, knowledgeable speakers and provocative panel discussion and how-to sessions, the annual conference gives NAEN members the opportunity to:

  • Explore the frontiers of negotiations;
  • Learn practical, real-world solutions;
  • Profit from the experience of others;
  • Examine emerging issues; 
  • Effective strategies for bargaining;
  • Learn about forging and maintaining positive employee relations in education.

The format of the conference allows ample time to make contacts with other professionals and exchange ideas and perspectives.

NAEN Directory

Your source for counsel and information, the membership directory contains the name, title, address, email, and phone number of 422 professionals in the U.S. and Canada. Contacting fellow NAEN members can save you valuable time and money. A call can give you guidance and be a sounding board for resolving problems in contract administration and negotiating issues.

Professional Growth

Membership in NAEN provides the opportunity get support for your high-profile role as an advocate for management in the cauldron of negotiations. You can enhance your abilities, promote the educational management position and enhance your professional standing in your organization.

Regional Seminars

NAEN provides speakers from across the United States and Canada to present programs and seminars for a modest fee.

Job Opportunities

NAEN publishes, free of charge to members, announcements of openings in personnel and labor relations positions for member schools and organizations.


Membership Categories (Levels)

1. Individual Membership: Yearly dues are $125 with a 3-year discounted membership for $338

2. Institutional Memberships:

  • Institutional 4-person memberships: Yearly dues are $346 with a 3-year discounted membership for $934;
  • Institutional 5-person memberships: Yearly dues are $450 with a 3-year discounted membership for $1,215;
  • Institutional 6-person memberships: Yearly dues are $554 with a 3-year discounted membership for $1,495;

3. Student Membership: $50 per year;

4. Individual Membership-Retired: $62.50 per year.

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